Technology to make things simple. We offer intuitive platform to manage payroll.

How it works

We understand how critical, the payroll function is to your organization. And when critical functions become complex to manage, we know it can get pretty annoying. That’s the reason we left the complexity out and designed Paywrap making it simple and easy-to-use. So much so that anyone can set it up and get going right away. Is it hard to believe? Try it on your own and let us know your experience.

Company Setup

Fill in company details, define your Org structure and configure your Pay Heads


It's a globalised world now. Your HR and Payroll department can access it from anywhere and anytime.


Pre - defined rules and policies to setup Compensation Structure and at the same time staying compliant


Now compute your tax with all deductions Available and plan your investments accordingly


Setup Done. Now add attendance of respective month. We made it even easier

Run Payroll

Process payroll in a single click and save time and cost with faster results

Why Paywrap?

Ideas are a dime a dozen and everyday Startups are coming up with new ideas but it’s all about people’s conviction and belief to convert those ideas into reality. In the same way it is not about only product or good product or best product, it is also about the level of service and support companies are providing.

A solution which is completely configurable from front end with all the tool tips and takes no time to setup

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Don't break a sweat
Top-notch support
Compliance is in our DNA
Reasonable pricing